Joseph Tarella

I have been an artist and an architect working in this area for over 30 years. During my career, I have had the opportunity to design many diverse projects. As a young professional, I was assigned the creation of numerous maps for the urban design firm that employed me. Now, some twenty five years later, I've returned to this genre which is allowing me to express a more mature aspect of my aesthetic development. Energized by the designing of my own home at the shore, I was reminded of my love of maps as well as my growing professional separation from actual artistic pursuits. In deciding to create what turned out to be the first of many maps, I was able to reconnect with the enthusiasm of my younger days and produce work that is both personally satisfying and which resonates for the many viewers it has reached. The ongoing results, the Coastal Art Map series, has been an unexpected success and a continuing inspiration to remain open to one's own artistic leanings. As career goals and life changes impact what my time is devoted to, older pursuits have become newly engaging and rewarding.